• We notified Eurobodalla Council, the heads of all major aid agencies (Red Cross, Salvation Army etc), Andrew Constance and other Government reps that door-knocks and welfare checks on all residents were urgently needed by police / army / mental health teams during a meeting over 3 weeks ago.

  • On Wednesday the 19th of Feb we again told the same thing to Eurobodalla Council, Andrew Constance, other government representatives and mental health teams members. We said that after personally visiting over 50 residents on their properties, many were still without essential services and that we were concerned there was a serious mental health crisis emerging. 

  • As of the 23rd of Feb there still has not been a door to door check on residents to see how the fire has impacted them with regards to basic essentials services such as power, water, phone lines etc or a door to door welfare check or mental health check. 

  • We have been the only ones out in the community door-knocking residents. We are doing it to the best of our ability because no-one else is. Samaritans Purse has been the only other disaster relief group on the ground providing practical help to residents.

  • Read the full report here.