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Journal of a Wildfire Volunteer - Feb 2


Today was basically a repeat of yesterday, but thankfully the temperatures “dropped” down to about 30C / 86F - much nicer conditions to be working in!

Our volunteers worked all day to finish up their jobs... several of the guys are even spending tonight here in Mogo and going home on Monday morning just so they can finish up Katy’s roof (over her temporary shipping container home) before heading back to Sydney. <3

This weekend, the volunteers accomplished quite a lot! 💪

Over the course of two days in tough weather conditions and using donated tools and supplies, the GMFR team:

- Built a roof, drainage system, and water tank connection so resident Keith could have fresh water, drop off a generator and plumbed it into his new donated water tank.

- Cleared piles of debris from David’s house, cleaned up his garden, chopped up and removed downed trees, cleared away burnt gazebo.

- Built a solid roof over Katy’s temporary home (a shipping container).

- Cleaned up Wally’s whole yard, removing debris.

@becthorley, Charlie Dog and I drove around the community again, checking in on more neighbors and doing “assessments”: making sure everyone has power, water, shelter, and access to mental health care if needed. Again, the hardiness of the people we met, the overwhelming knowledge of how much they lost, and the kindness of those willing to help, were an incredible thing to comprehend.

I’ve only been here for a couple of days now, but I’m already appreciating how insanely resilient this community and its residents are. 💖

Bec has two MASSIVE spreadsheets going, one for Fire Affected Residents, and the other for Volunteers. As people fill out Fire Affected & Volunteer Sign-up forms on our website,, we add them to the spreadsheet and do our best to match them up with each other.

If you would like to donate or volunteer, please visit our website: 😎🤙 Photography provided by Andy Roberts & others :)


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